I believe that all of us are equally capable of exhibiting socially awkward behavior.

Some of us are worse than others.

None of us are immune.

Awkward is everywhere, and it happens all of the time. It’s often obvious, but not always.

It ranges from first dates and small talk on elevators to friend requests on Facebook and tight-lipped brands on Twitter. It’s people. It’s organizations. It’s situations. It’s funny and embarrassing yet, at the same time, inspiring.

The learning curve is not as steep as we make it out to be.

I created this web log to start conversations about who misses the mark and what they’re doing wrong.  My perspective alone is neither correct nor complete, so I rely on you all to share your own thoughts and experiences on what works well and what doesn’t.

Together we’ll not only learn how to avoid flopping in an increasingly social world, but we’ll also come to understand that we’re not alone.

We’re in this together.

Let’s tackle it head on.  And have some fun.


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