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You may have heard that over 100 million photos are shared on Facebook EACH day. Considering the one-stop social shop has never really offered its users a stellar experience with photos, this is an amazing stat. As more people join – 8 every second in 2010 – and photo uploading/editing/tagging/viewing becomes more advanced and user-friendly, that number will multiply in no time. In spite of these growing numbers, Facebook photos still cause major headaches – various unwritten rules apparently need to be written down.


It’s not nearly as bad as it once was, but being tagged in a photo is always a pretty nerve wracking experience. I’d say I’m pretty laid back when it comes to what’s shared about me online. I will always testify that if you’re ever paranoid about what might get posted or tagged, maybe the focus should be on managing your offline behavior (or at least being proactive vs. reactive). Despite all of this, I set up my notifications so that I am immediately alerted when tagged in a photo. Why? Because even friends with the best of intentions post awful or unflattering pictures. It’s these pictures that I would PREFER to be tagged in – then, at least I know what’s out there.

Shred U

You know it’s bad when companies create special Facebook apps to deal with this issue. Consider this special app on Staples’ Facebook page that helps those who have been a “victim” of photo tagging. You can either shred the picture to bits via a virtual shredder or “trick it out” by adding things on top of it – like a mullet. Funny, but really just a glamorous way of untagging – I doubt it actually gets rid of the picture.

This makes me think of an idea I had that could work for Coca Cola. I’d bet a major reason for untagging is anytime someone doesn’t want to be seen holding an alcoholic beverage. With a Coke app – that maybe they’ll develop after reading this post! – people could tag Coke beverage products to go on top of any beverage you’re holding. It’s a win win – you look like you’re drinking a Fanta (or else, people never really know for sure) and Coke gets millions of brand impressions. Not sure if Facebook wants to get into photo editing like this, but I think people would use it.

Profile Pics

On a final note, profile pictures are an interesting observation. You have people who change theirs every other day. Or people who are obviously taking a picture of themselves (arm stretched). I’ve even seen people who make group pictures their profile pic because THEY look good. Then, there are glamour shots that make the real-deal hardly recognizable. I admit that I fell into this trap via a professional headshot I got done for LinkedIn. Yeah, enough people either overtly or passively disapproved using it for Facebook, so I eventually replaced it.

What are your thoughts on photo sharing, unjust tagging, or misrepresentation? There have to be countless stories.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily represent those of my employer nor any other organization I am affiliated with. Also, please see the “About” page in case you are offended or even mildly irritated. Thanks!


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