Unreasonably Competitive

In Uncategorized on January 20, 2011 at 2:56 pm

These two words have frequently been used by others to describe me, so this post is mostly therapeutic. Whether it’s weekend recreational leagues or a few rounds of pool at a buddy’s place, there is a clear and obvious line you cross when you do whatever it takes to win. Some situations don’t call for your best – especially when your best isn’t good anymore or you’re trying to out-duel a small child in ping pong. Don’t act like this goes unnoticed.

For one, you have a problem if you bring your own…

  • pool stick
  • ping pong paddle
  • cornhole bags
  • darts
  • air hockey “goalies” (thanks Google) or pucks
  • foosball umm…balls

Not only are you trying to reclaim a bit of home court advantage, IT DOESN’T MATTER. You’re really just embarrassing yourself, especially if you lose. And even the win isn’t worth the humiliation from your opponent as you unpack your gear.

Now, let’s graduate one step. The same type of sport as above, but with something actually on the line besides bragging rights. Then it may make sense to bring your own equipment because you won’t have an unfair advantage. But still, don’t get carried away by letting a crowd make you forget all of the rules of good (leisure) sportsmanship.

Rec sports are a whole different situation. When you’re like me and you get 11 stitches above your eye from all-guys flag football, you know it’s time to tone it down a few notches. So that’s what I did by playing co-ed flag football, instead. Problem: my same competitiveness, just less appreciation for it. I’m kind of the same way with broomball, too – but how can you not be when you represent a team named Broom Broom POW and the other team brings hockey gear or broomball shoes? Really?

I’m starting to think that I should just stop playing sports altogether because, then, I wouldn’t lose – which is really the source of the issue. But as much as I remind myself that it doesn’t matter, I’m often surrounded by people who make it matter. So, it’s all their fault – especially guys like this…

Just a bit over-the-top.

What are your stories? Which side of the competitive spirit line are you on? Please tell me I’m not alone.

  1. I think you are not alone. I play co-ed Sand Volleyball with some people that like to win as do I. If someone is trying but just sucks I will cut them some slack, but if someone is just being lazy and goofing off instead of playing the game I tend to get a little heated. I don’t like to loose. I feel that competition is a healthy thing and I also think most of the time people that can’t handle it and cry about it tend to loose most of the time. I think there are several different kinds of teams to choose from you just need to find the team that has the same edge as you.

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